4 Nifty Kids Shower Curtain Ideas

Curtain Decorating Ideas

One fun way to decorate your child’s bathroom is with a cool kids shower curtain based on a character or theme your boy or girl loves. In this article, I’ll give you some fun shower curtain decorating ideas your child will love!

Monkey Shower Curtains

Young children love monkeys! What child wouldn’t love a fun monkey-themed bathroom? Little Curious George fans in particular will go ape at his or her monkey-adorned bathtub. As the saying goes, monkey see, monkey do. Therefore, it won’t take much urging to get your youngster into the tub with his or her monkey friends!

Pirate Shower Curtains

With the huge success and popularity of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series, it is no surprise that young children love pirates! Therefore, by decorating your child’s bathroom with a pirate-themed curtain for your shower, toothbrush holder, bath mat, and other objects, don’t be surprised if your young boy or girl can’t wait to brush his teeth and take a bath at night!

Butterfly Shower Curtains

Young girls love butterflies, so what better way to decorate your daughter’s bathroom than with a colorful butterfly-themed curtain for your shower? Young girls particularly seem to love clear vinyl curtains with pink, blue, and yellow butterflies. Your daughter’s butterfly-themed bathroom will feel to her like an awe-inspiring nature wonderland!

Fish Shower Curtains

Another favorite kids bath and shower theme are fish bathroom fixtures. Young children are fascinated with fish and all creatures of the sea. Therefore, a simple curtain for your shower adorned with sea creatures like fish, sea horses, starfish, crabs, and dolphins will brighten up your child’s bathroom and make him or her bath feel like they are going on an exciting undersea adventure!

These are just a few of the many exciting and inspiring ideas that your child will love that be used as the theme for your child’s bathroom makeover. Something as simple as transforming a few bathroom items into a favorite theme of your child can turn taking a bath and brushing teeth from something your children will dread into something they will look forward to!

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