Decorating With Curtains

Curtain Decorating Ideas

Although blinds have been in vogue for some years, many people are going back to decorating with curtains. There are several reasons for this current trend of curtains over blinds some of which include the fact that they are less expensive, they can be made from any fabric, can be handmade, are easy to keep clean and they can match most articles in the room including throw rugs and furniture,

One of the best aspects about choosing curtains over blinds is that they are much easier to keep clean. Blinds can be difficult to clean as you have to go between each slat in order to get them free from dust. On the other hand, curtains can just be either dry cleaned or tossed into the wash. This makes them a much easier alternative to blinds, especially when it comes time for spring cleaning.

Another aspect about choosing curtains is that they are far less expensive than blinds. Custom blinds can be costly but curtains can be very cheap, especially if you buy them from a discount store and they are ready made. If you choose custom draperies, you will find that they could turn out to be more expensive than blinds. But most people today are getting away from heavy, custom drapes and seeking out lighter curtains.

If you make the curtains yourself, you can save even more money. Making curtains is not difficult to do. You can even make them out of bed sheets if you choose. Making curtains only involves using a straight stitch on the sewing machine. There are no-sew ways to make curtains as well, such as using an iron on basting technique. No sew curtains are easy to make; you just need to use the iron on basting tape to create the seam.

When you make your own curtains, you can choose the type of fabric that you want as well as the color. This comes in handy if you are trying to match other accessories in the room, such as throw rugs or furniture. If you want to get a pulled together look, you need to make sure all of the colors in the throw rugs, curtains and furniture match.

They do not have to match exactly, but you can pull them together using one of these items so that the room looks coordinated. For example, if you have a red sofa and a blue throw rug, you may want to choose red and blue prints for your curtains. This will tie in the blue and the red and give your home a more pulled together look, without spending a lot of money.

There many other reasons why decorating with curtains is a far better alternative to decorating with blinds. Curtains are easy to make even if you are a novice with the sewing machine and they can pull together the decorating elements of any room. Whether you choose to use no sew curtains, make your own curtains or if you buy ready made curtains, you will find that you save money on these window coverings when compared to blinds.


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