How Casual Curtains Can Become Decorative?

Curtain Decorating Ideas

If you find that your casual curtains are a bit boring or do not help much to brighten up a room decoratively, then you may need to reconsider some things about your window treatments. Some people order these plain curtains without thinking of being fashionable or chic when it came to their windows, but later decide to try and make them decorative despite their plainness.

Plain curtains can be decorative as long as you are creative enough to come up with ideas on how to make them appear more exciting and how to use their simplicity to your advantage.

Here are some decorative ideas you can use for your plain and ordinary functional curtains:

Use valances and swags to add some oomph – these small additions to your window treatments can actually make your rather ordinary curtains appear more stylish and decorative. Choose valances and swags that complement the color and the texture of your functional curtains to help you achieve a more sophisticated or fashionable look for your window.

You can even choose to add tasseled or lace edged fabric as valances or swags over these otherwise dull and plain curtains to make them look more elegant.

Add accessories on your ordinary window treatments – just like how accessories make a plain dress look exceptional, so will accessories make your casual curtains look special. Elegant curtain rod ends that have leaf designs, glittering crystal embellishments, and even elaborate wood carvings can give your ordinary curtains an added decorative appeal.

You can also opt for fringed ties, elaborate tie hooks, and even beaded and tasseled tie backs. Other accessories that you can use for making your plain curtains more decorative include elaborate cord pulls and polished pole rings.

Layering with other fabrics or curtains – you can actually layer your casual curtains to make them appear more sophisticated and elegant. Layering same style curtains in different shades of the same color or different colors that complement each other can help create a modern yet classy looking window treatment. You can also choose to layer your solid window curtains with such textured yet thin fabrics like lace, linen or chenille.

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