The Curtain Rod for the Look You Want for Your Curtains

Curtain Decorating Ideas

Curtain rods today are available in an incredible assortment of styles. patterns and decorating motifs. This is because today’s buyer is well informed as feels that they should have a choice of both design and value. Curtain rods are therefore available in many sizes. from small ones for sidelight windows to enormous ones for picture window drapes. There are rods that are designed especially to blend in with certain decorating styles. such as French Provincial or Modern.

You can use curtain rods to add a very personal touch to your windows. Rods can even be chosen that will completment the individual fabric you are using. such as a lighter weight rod for sheer curtains or a heavy. ornate one for brocade drapes. You can even match the rods to the hardware on your windows or doors.

The materials curtain rods are made with today is almost as varied as the styles available. You can bring the look of antique brass. copper or gold into your home with rods made to look like those materials. This old world look comes complete with the patina of age. You can further customize your curtain rods with finials of different patterns that change the look of the off the shelf rods.

Finials such as this can be of such materials as brass. copper. ceramic. glass. chrystal. wood and wrought irom. The adjusting telescoping features. along with decorative brackets and rings means that the rod can be customized even further to fit your windows and decor.

Today’s curtain rods are manufactured of such quality that. even though they may look heavy and take the weight of heavy drapes. they are actually lightweight and can be easily installed. Each of the many kinds of curtain rods available serve a different purpose for your windows. Cafe rods are used for short curtains and can be used with either a panel pocket curtain. tab curtains. or curtains with rings.

They may be in an enamel finish or brass to blend with with the decor. Sash rods are usually spring-like to stretch across a window or door and use shallow brackets so the curtain stays close to the glass. Wide curtain rods are typically used for specialty windows such as bay windows or corner windows and come in 2 1/2 inch and 4 1/2 inch widths. The corner connectors allow them to adapt to curves or returns in a window design. Narrow curtain rods are used for rod pocket design windows. usually for casually decorated rooms such as a kitchen. laundry room or children’s bedroom.

The proper curtain rod can really dress up the treatment of your windows when they match the size of your windows and decor of your rooms. You can make your own curtain rods if you desire a simple look for the windows. Measure the window(s) involved. and buy wooden dowels a few inches longer. for overhang on each side. You can then paint the rod and screw hooks into the wall to fit the dowel through. You can use fancy hooks or loops. and putting knobs or finials at each end will finish the rod off nicely.

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