Ways to Use Acoustical Curtains

Curtain Decorating Ideas

The use of acoustical curtains is an attractive sound blocking option for your home or business. These curtains are made with absorbent material. The material increases soundproofing and improves acoustics in rooms.

Use these curtains throughout your home, especially if you have thin walls. You will be able to control reverberations from walls and block sound from windows and doorways. Acoustical curtains are great for apartment living where neighbors are literally on the other side of the wall. Hang the curtains on the shared wall to help muffle noise entering your apartment as well as noise from your apartment.

If you have children, use acoustical curtains through their rooms. Place them over windows and on walls. Be creative when decorating children’s rooms. Curtains in light colors brighten up rooms and make them appear larger. Use acoustical curtains in place of paint on walls. This is a great solution for brightening rooms when you are not permitted to paint walls, particularly in rental property.

These curtains help contain noise vibrations if you have a home theater. They are also ideal for media rooms, music rooms, and basements. Place the curtains decoratively over windows and on walls. They are stylish means to sound proofing any room.

You can also use them in doorways. Select a color that complements the d├ęcor in two adjoining rooms. Hang the curtains in the doorframe. Secure the sides to the doorframe for additional sound blocking. The center edge of each curtain becomes the entryway between the two rooms.

For the best level of soundproofing, double up acoustical curtains. This means to place one set on top of another set. Use regular rods for the set closest to the wall. Use extended curtain rods to place the second set over the first set. Or, you can place two sets on one rod. These curtains are heavy so make sure you use a sturdy rod. Check out your local hardware store for heavy duty rods. Seal the curtain edges to the wall for increased sound proofing. Use double-sided tape or magnetic tape on the curtain edges.

There are many stylish ways to use acoustical curtains to help sound proof your living space. If you aren’t sure how to make the best use of your curtains, ask your store representative for decorating advice. You will appreciate the peace and quiet of your home.

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