How Do I Hang Curtain Rods?

To hang most curtain rods you will need a pencil, measuring tape, hammer, drill, screwdriver and a level. Having an extra pair of hands is really helpful too. You can follow the instructions the come with your curtain rod or just follow these general guidelines. Remember how you measured to buy the rods? You decided…

4 Nifty Kids Shower Curtain Ideas

One fun way to decorate your child’s bathroom is with a cool kids shower curtain based on a character or theme your boy or girl loves. In this article, I’ll give you some fun shower curtain decorating ideas your child will love! Monkey Shower Curtains Young children love monkeys! What child wouldn’t love a fun…

Bedroom Curtains: Decorate It With Embellishing Colours and Splendid Fabric

Our bedrooms should maintain the right amount of balance between light and darkness. Bedroom curtains are used for different purposes. It is most commonly used to decorate the rooms and enhance its glamorous appeal. People take several aspects into consideration before deciding to buy it. They want to decorate the room in a unique manner….

Curtain Decorating Ideas

Windows are something we stare through every single day without paying too much attention to them. Are they simply just for those lazy days when you want to feel like you’re outside but are really more interested in laying on your sofa and staring out the window from the comfort and warmth of your home?…

Easy Curtain Decor

Curtains are useful for blocking light and for providing a measure of privacy. These days, however, with the increasing popularity of lightweight eyelet curtains, these functions often take second place to decorating goals such as setting a tone or style for a room. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the world of kitchen curtains….